Feature Request: Events RSVP with Email


This feature request is for the RSVP with Email addon for Events+ plugin. Based on another thread I had going here: https://wpmudev.com/forums/topic/events-rsvp-with-email-giving-error

1. The addon has the ability to create a new user, but it doesn’t assign the default “free user” role to this new user from the Membership plugin. User should be assigned whatever default role is defined in the Membership plugin.

2. A better way to handle the email rsvp for non logged in users, is to do a check to see if the current email is associated with a user, if so, prompt a message to login first so he/she can rsvp. If the email doesn’t exist, prompt the user that he/she doesn’t have an account on file and to please create an account. Also, having an option in the RSVP Events+ Setting to define where the user should be redirected to for each instance would be great. Right now, trying to rsvp automatically redirects to the wp login page, if not logged in.