Feature Request for Directory Plugin


I’m currently working with the DIRECTORY BETA 2.2RC7

The directory Plugin Installs with just the Description and listing name fields and is what is shown to the public via the theme.

Standard Listings should have these fields that the directory should have

For a standard Listing Directory.

Listing Title

URL Hyper-linkable to the URL Listed

Category the listing is in

Description of Listing

Here is a Photoshopped version of a standard Directory detail page (Clicking the Listing title the way it setup now)(single page)

I feel that the standard install should have at a minimum the above with the theme showing that is an easy to add to (custom Fields) format.

Now speaking about format of the theme. I’m like most people not very good at theme code and modifying the theme so adding custom fields that the directory owner will have to add to the theme is most likely going to be a custom job that will cost us money and any changes we make will have to to be another custom job.

Could it be worked into the theme that on adding Custom Fields that would be automatically shown on the theme that comes with Directory. if the custom field exists or is active (on and off Switch for Field) it will be shown on the Directory. Also a ordering of the field would also be Good, and a switch to show or not show the field on the front end.

For a Business type of directory the following fields should be included or option to install them at setup in addition to the Above..





Business type

Business email Contact

Phone Number

Now for feature requests added to the directory plugin would be.

Claim Listing

Report Listing

Contact Listing Owner

Thumbnail screenshot importer or taker at the time of listing input.

Validate if listing url is active or a parked domain


Search Listing by name, URL, Country code or Zip Code

Featured Listings – option to pick how many should be shown

List Categories

Country, state search – drop down would list country then next drop down field would list state or area of country then the next would list towns or cities then the text box you would import your search.

What does everyone think?