Feature Request: free Blueprints

I have recently experienced a bit of growth and as a result I have had to create 13 new sites over the last few weeks. Every site I host uses a standard set of plugins and the Divi theme. So I created a “bluerpint” I can use to quickly create these sites.

This does work pretty well, but there is a problem with this method.I need to create a number of blueprints as some sites will have different pre-configurations. For example, ecom site vs non-ecom site.

Unfortuantely, I cannot currently do this without significantly increasing my WPMUDev bill. Each of these bluepronts, under the current method, count as a hosted site,m and thus cost me $10/mo each. That is for a site that gets no traffic, does not even have a domain associated with it, and is used ONLY to clone to new sites.

I love the new(ish) clone feature that is integrated into the site creation process by the way. That is how I use these blueprints.
Anyhoo, I would like to officially request that you make it possible create these blueprint sites at no cost or at least maybe as an affordable addon.
As more and more folks get to reselling WPMUDev services, this kind of feature is going to be a must. .