Feature Settings and Homepage Settings Questions for Blogs MU

I am curious about a few settings with Feature Settings, and options under Homepage Settings. It should be obvious, but for some reason I am finding a few things confusing and I would love some feedback.

First, can I simply turn this off so there is no Network Intro? From Feature Settings you seem to have to select one option and if I delete details in Homepage Settings it puts in default text?

Second, it is great that I can change the button text based on logged in, but what I really want is to also change the text under the Homepage Settings – Intro Post Text. Is that possible, or only the button?

Third, I noticed the sub intro post text also shows up at the top of every page on the site, which seems strange. Can that be turned off? And can I NOT include a sub intro? If I take out text it removes, but still has a space for it, and if I come back in it puts in sample text and it is easy to update accidentally with that. Last, once again the ideal solution is I can change that text based on logged in or not, is that possible?

If there is any documentation on this you can point me, but I wasn’t finding any. Thanks! David