Feedback on Video Tutorial Integration with Plugins

I wanted to get some feedback from the community. All responses are welcome and will be considered, however input from freelance web designers or web developers integrating WPMU DEV premium plugins like Membership, MarketPress and Appointments+ *or* ProSites users will be most relevant in this discussion.

Over the past week we have been tossing around ideas for integrating video tutorials right in to the dashboard when a plugin is installed. An example of this would be–you install the MarketPress plugin through the WPMU Dashboard plugin and the entire tutorial series can be accessed through the dashboard to help walk you, or the end user, through set up. With ProSites this could become an even greater benefit. When one of your users upgrade their membership level, maybe because you offer access to Appointments+, when they activate A+ they also gain access to the video setup guide right inside their dashboard. Super helpful and a ton of added value.

The integration and planning of these features are still in the early stages of development, however, this brings up some questions on branding and “white labeling” of the videos:

1) Would this be of little/no value to you if the videos played as they currently exist?

2) If we removed the first and last videos and any spoken mention of WPMU DEV, our site, our dashboard and our other plugins would that be enough to make it usable?

3) Would you ONLY use this feature if we remade all of the videos removing every image and mention of WPMU… even the images from the test sites?

4) In your mind, is just removing WPMU DEV branding from the videos not enough? Would we also need to remove the plugin names (i.e. MarketPress) and replace it with generic words like eCommerce and eStore.

While we don’t want to unnecessarily have the video team reproducing content (so they can continue creating NEW videos), we also want the features we incorporate into the WPMU DEV plugins to be usable to our members. Your comments, thoughts and feedback on a feature like this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for being a valued member of the WPMU DEV community!

-Your Video Team