few questions about marketpress


1) Is it be possible to give discounts to the specific clients or client groups?

2) Is it be possible to give discounts (not discount coupons) to the members (membership plugin)?

3) Is it possible to pay clients for some Multilevel marketing activities (integration with affiliate and multi–level program)? I would like users to refer my shop to other users via facebook, emails, word of mouth etc. and give them % of the sales generated by referred users (multilevel networking). They will not receive cash but, they will be able to spend money in the shop.

4) Is it possible to give clients possibility to deposit money and spend them in the future?

5) Is it possible to change shipping data? (it is not relevant for majority of countries).

6) Is it possible to add deadlines for special offers (with a counter like in “city deals and groupon-like” websites)?

If the answer for any of above questions is “no” – I would like to know if it is going to be developed in the near future. I love marketpress very much and see a great potential in it.

Best regards,