Few questions about membership plugin

Hi Barry , the membership plugin is really evolving , great work.

I have a couple of questions.

My site is set up as follows

None registered users cannot access the blog section and registered users can , simple !!

When a user registers I want to be able to approve them. So basically I do not really need subcriptions just levels.

At the moment if I try and register I can fill in the form in the first section , but when I press submit , I would like it to say your registration is pending approval at the moment it takes me to step 2 which I do not need as I do not have any subscription and there cannot do anything with this.

Also in the normal buddy press registration it lets you change your gravity/avatar is their a way of adding this into the sign up process.

and finally when i approve a member in the backend and give him access to level 1 for example is there any code I could add to fire off an email saying that your membership has been approved?