Floating Social has a Problem with Chrome?

Hi, I m a new member, I am building a news site that both have a huffingtonpost style main section and will have an Newsvine type community section, and want to achieve this by using some of your plug ins :slight_smile:, although floating social looks so cool and useful for me, and although it looks perfect on even in ie and Firefox, it does not appear properly or looks same with others on chrome, I try many different configurations (width, height etc) and couldn’t get the same view on every browser my url=”http://gazettam.com/”

Additionally I have to use another social plug in for having share button on my site, Why it does not include both like and share ?

One more thing it disappears or not seen in mobile versions, I think it can be automatically nested under mobile page or can be appear over comments if the size of the page gets smaller.

Thanks for these great plug ins

Kind Regards