@Font-face for custom BP Themes, BP Daily


After reading Sarah Gooding’s @font-face tutorial (which can be found here: https://wpmudev.com/blog/beautiful-typography-for-wordpress-and-buddypress-using-the-font-face-rule/), I decided that using @font-face made more sense than cufon and typekit.

I followed the instructions in the tutorial, but my @font-face font only displays on my site when I view it on my own computer (in Safari and Chrome, but not Firefox), which indicates that I am correctly calling the local font files, but that I’m not correctly calling the web font files.

I wondering 1. where I should be pasting the font declaration, as the tutorial assumes that the user is using the bp-default theme and tells you to paste it in default.css and 2. if I need to change anything from the font declaration that I get in the kit in order to call the web fonts and have them display in all browsers on all computers.

Any help would be appreciated.