Formatting issue with Classifieds featured image


The Classified listing format works nicely on desktop as shown in this image:

But on mobile, it would be much better if the ad’s Featured Image were aligned above the ad. Notice what happens to the appearance of the ad on mobile:

Now granted, the user can turn the mobile device sideways to improve the view, but this seems unfortunate. End users are used to the one-handed, rapid scroll action of the Facebook/Twitter/etc. mobile experience. Turning their phones isn’t going to work well with how most people navigate their mobile. I’m certain that it will be turn-off to our site users.

Can we format the Classified ad’s listing so that the image is *above* the rest of the ad’s content? Then it will look much better on mobile while still looking clean on desktop.

(Also, I run a mobile them alongside my desktop theme, and of course I have a child-theme for the mobile theme. I could put the formatting change in my mobile theme without impacting desktop perhaps.)

Thanks so much for reading this post and I hope you can help me :slight_smile: