[Forminator Pro] Better form management (archive forms, group forms, etc)


Hi there,

I love Forminator! So much so that I have one client website with 21 active forms.

It’s getting a little difficult to manage them all. I’d like to see:
– The ability to archive forms. Sometimes a form is removed from the front-end of the website, so I don’t want it cluttering my list of active forms. Nor do I want to delete it and lose data, or it may be reinstated on the website later. The ability to archive forms would be great.
– The ability to show more than 10 forms on the form list at a time, sometimes I need to mass edit them and open a bunch in new tabs.
– The ability to view a forms shortcode from the edit window, instead of going back to the form list to view it.
– The ability to get a list of all pages/URLS that a given form is present on
– The ability to group forms into folders

Thanks :slight_smile: