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Aditya Shah Sat, 01/04/20 01:57:04 pm Europe/Brussels

Hello. How may I help you?
okay let me know about them one by one we can fix all
Verstraeten 02:01:42 pm

I use checkbox and radio fields.
The visibility of the radio depends on the checkbox selection but my concern is:
The radio contains the value for example 25 and is visible if option 1 and / or option 2 of the checkbox is selected.
The calculation is just in case a single option is chosen, but if we choose two options, the calculation remains at 25.
There should be a variable that counts the number of options chosen
Aditya Shah 02:06:03 pm

well in that case, you can use a calculation field or something where it calculates “Option1+Option2”
so if unselected the value remains 0 if selected its value becomes 25 and similarly if both selected it becomes 50
Verstraeten 02:06:43 pm
Aditya Shah 02:06:44 pm

however, there was a bug on this too, let me check if that was fixed.

can you try that one? like assigning values to each value? if the two options are selected the third will show 50 as the formula will be Option1+Option2
does that make sense?
Verstraeten 02:14:56 pm

where do you enter those options?µ
Aditya Shah 02:15:13 pm

its in the calculation tab
Verstraeten 02:16:53 pm

Ok, that part is done

That work nice
Aditya Shah 02:17:56 pm

okay, now where you did the calculation, you can put there as option1+option2 and so on
Verstraeten 02:18:49 pm

the problem is that if two options are selected the depending radio option is only counted as one in place of two
Aditya Shah 02:20:05 pm

well in radio option you can only select one option, but you said you are using checkbox where multiple options can be selected
Would you mind enabling support access for us so I can take a closer look?
Here’s our detailed documentation page about it: https://wpmudev.com/docs/getting-started/getting-support/#chapter-5

Verstraeten 02:22:19 pm

Aditya Shah 02:23:46 pm
so in radio
1 is selected
so 90+90+25 = 205
Verstraeten 02:25:05 pm

If I can fix howmany option are selected, for ex 2 I could write the formula/
{checkbox-1}+({radio-1} * “the missing variable” )
you have acces
Aditya Shah 02:29:59 pm
okay i understand well i think for this a feature request would be required. as this won’t be possible with forminator currently. Would it be possible to post this as a feature request on our forum so our developers could take a look at it and suggest some code or make it a feature for forminator? https://wpmudev.com/forums/forum/support/

Click “Ask a Question” and put all the details which you want, i am asking you so nothing is missed.