[Forminator Pro] Encrypt or Protect Uploaded Files

Dear WPMU Support

I use currently a Forminator Form for a ID Verification for my Members and need to immedietly edit submissions as fast as possible then delete the submission. The Uploaded Files are Stored in “wp-content/uplaods” as any other File

Is there any way to protect file Upload from external Acces? Some Ideas I thought of:
– Encrypt Access by Session Cookie and WP Group (only Admin can Acces the File)
– Encrypt Uploaded Files via MD5 and you can only view the Files from the Website
– Change the File Upload Directory of Forminator, so it can be protected by a .htaccess File.

I also looked into Gravity Forms and the already Support all that: https://docs.gravityforms.com/security/

But for most of my Forms I use Formiantor Pro and would be glad, if this would be somehow possible.