[Forminator Pro] Forminator Pro forms only displaying in Chrome

Hi there,

I have installed Forminator Pro on several of our sites without too much issue. On our company intranet, it doesn't appear to be working correctly.

The intranet is hosted on a Linux server which is isolated from the internet so I can't give you URL access to the site to see the error in operation and I can't see anywhere on their form where I can attach screenshots.

Forminator forms are not displaying in all browsers. They are displaying in Chrome correctly. However, in IE, Edge, and Firefox, they don't display.

It is not a case of the code being there and the browser not honouring it. On IE, Edge and Firefox the code for Forminator isn't showing when you inspect the source. I understand that IE is outdated so that it may have trouble with some elements, but I don't understand why other browsers would have an issue.

I have added in this additional script:



display:block !important


To test one of the modules in case it was a CSS conflict somewhere. It didn't make any difference.

I have run a plugin conflict test. When disabling everything apart from Forminator & Visual Composer (without which the website appears as code), the issue still occurs. I switched to the Twenty-nineteen default theme, and the issue continues to occur.

As far as I am aware of all the versions of operating files, themes, and plugins are up to date:

WordPress v5.2

Forminator v1.7.0.1

PHP v7.3

The theme is Theme Nectar Salient v10.5.1

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.