[Forminator Pro] Processing submissions

Not ashamed to humilate myself in public, what's the latest on actually using form data?

When Forminator was being developed I was a strong proponent for capturing the data and operating on it. I was asking for a robust API, which we now have. Thanks Team! Compare what we do with contact request forms compared to business transactions. With the latter, we want to reformat the data each field into a new transaction object like an order, an invoice, a product … any strongly typed object.

In WordPress, these objects are Custom Post Types. So I've written code that reads a form entry object and pulls its data into a CPT. Each CPT needs to be manually defined, and the code to transit from the entry to the CPT is also manually defined. That's a lot of work.

I can envision a plugin, like the now retired CustomPress, integrated with Forminator, to link entries to CPTs on submission. Once in the CPT format we can do a lot of different things with them using other plugins and custom code.

Am I missing something? Is this in the Forminator roadmap? Is there an easier way to do this? Something already in the product? Am I describing a new plugin for which masses of people would be willing to pay masses of money? :slight_smile:

Seriously – where is Forminator going with the concept of actually using the data that's entered. Or, as the guy who has been begging for an API so that developers can create new plugins based on Forminator, are we at that point now where DEV expects that we will actually start doing these things?

If that's the case then I guess I need to get the SIG site going again so that we can start publishing demos of how to use the API and data. :wink: