Forminator Pro – Resend activation email from front end / list pending activations in backend


Forminator Pro adds following feature to the WordPress user registration, when using a forminator registration form:

User account activation by clicking a link sent via email to the registering user.


Unfortunately it seems to be impossible to

1. resend that activation link to the pending user email

2. make the pending user account email available for a new user registration when the user account activation has not been completed by the user, bc he didnt receive the activation email f.e.

3. view a list of pending user activations in wordpress admin and being able to resend user activation emails form that view, or schedule reminder emails if the activation link has not been clicked yet, which should contain the activation link as well.

 4. add a cusotm styling to that new email or use any email designer plugin for wordpress to access this email and style it, because there seems to be no shortcode or anything to include the activation link in a custom email.

This is a huge flaw in user registration flaw with currently implemented user registration forminator forms.


Do you have asolution for this? Maybe something I have missed so far?