Free level members never get to "registration complete" page, and show up in admin gateway

I’ve been playing with the membership plugin for a few weeks trying to get it to work the way I think it should.

We have 4 access levels on our site.

A visitor level with limited visibility to content

A basic level with access to almost everything

Two paid subscription levels with a few more features than the basic level

My issue is with the basic level.

Once the user submits their registration information, they never get to the registration complete screen. Plus they end up in the admin gateway.

I have only the Paypal express gateway activated at the moment.

When the basic users get to the last registration screen, they are logged in, but their username doesn’t show up, and they still see the text from the registration process. They do see an upgrade button, but again they never see the “registration completed” page.

Any ideas? I’m out of them. Thanks!