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It’s finally time to make full use of the outstanding potential offered in this wonderful community and I’m incredible grateful for it!

I cannot be any more excited and confident about my business plan and USP. What a journey folks; if you want to learn about someone with totally ridiculous drive to succeed, with a sustainable definition of success, a clear plan and the balanced priorities to make it all happen then get to know me because this business will continue unfolding within a short / medium / big picture interconnected simultaneously…

The medium picture is a membership called and if can kindly ask for your help to set this up correctly, please.

Here is the basic structure for our membership level set up:

1. Visitors

2. Free

3. Paid levels 1-XX

The specific purpose for this thread is to help to set up the Free Membership level properly on Our issue ultimately being we don’t seem able to confirm a Free subscription properly with a confirmation email, once registered. Currently the membership appears inactive and there is no confirmation or option otherwise.

We found this (my programmer partner Greg) on another thread within this forum and thought it might be our solution:


Glad to see you are using our Membership plugin!

What Subscription and Access Levels to you currently have created?

Do you have a Free Subscription or are your users registering and being assigned a standard WP role?

I am trying to understand if WP is actually taking over your registration or if you are using Membership to do this (as Membership hijacks the WP registration)

You should have a Free Membership subscription created and the hierarchy set up within the subscription page. i.e. free membership, first paid level, second paid level in the drag and drop area. If your wordpress registration is indeed assigning members to a standard wp-role (like subscriber) and not a Membership role then you can associate your Free Membership level with a WP role by going to the Access Level associated with that subscriber level and navigating to the Advanced rules tab. You can scroll to the bottom there and see where you can associate a wp-role with a Membership level. This should help with Free accounts.


But it didn’t help this same issue. What we don’t get is under members in the plugin in the gateway column how admin is set to free subscription, and yet when someone else signs up it says admin. As we assume by using the free signup gateway, you would be assigned that.

And when Greg removed himself from WordPress and signed up again, then went up in the browser address bar and removed the page he was on and placed in wp_admin he got access to his signed up account … then he logged out and tried to login again and it told him he was not active so went in as admin and sure enough he was not active . I test this again confirm got the same result.

We’re working on this until it’s fully resolved and any help to speed up our learning curve here is much appreciated. Please let me know any questions that can help clarify our situation for you.

I appreciate it!

Thank you,

Ryan Arnfinson