fully working event manager like eventbrite

Hi, i just wanna ask a few simple question

1. How to make a full working function event manager website like eventbrite using all wpmudev plugin (is it have to be all of it or not)

2. What theme do fully function with all the plugin required (if it have to be WP default or wpmudev theme to be functional). No bugs i hope..

3. Demo or live demo or tutorial to what do i have to do, to make it fully working?

Sorry for this question, but i really need to see the big picture… before i decide to upgrade my membership

If three question that i ask is to much, please show me a demo site i can login to, that have a full working function for event manager site like eventbrite using wpmudev plugins, so that i know what plugins do i need to buy, what theme that is compatible with all the plugins required or maybe just one default WP theme that work fantastic with integrating all the plugin required, thank you so much