Gallery Theme – release

Today we’re pleased to announce the release of Gallery our new theme.

Gallery is designed to showcase images… they could be photographs, paintings, products, services, even portfolio items – as the name suggests a gallery but a gallery can be of anything.

Put it simply Gallery shows off your content. Gallery comes in 2 variations:

Basic: You can set a page template and use the built in WordPress gallery along with a customised lightbox script.

Advanced: You create images using the custom post types method and galleries using custom post categories. Then a whole world of options is opened to you from slideshows, grids through to lightbox popup layers. This goes beyond most of our themes bringing custom post types right to the theme built in.

Gallery has a core concept of letting you decide what content you want. There is a section under theme options where you can create a whole host of home page configurations:

* Custom header: on / off

* Site navigation: show / hide

* Slideshow: on / off

* Slideshow width: full / partial

* Gallery list or menu if partial slideshow: list / menu

* Gallery category navigation: on / off

* Gallery category navigation position: before / after slideshow

* Picture grid: on / off

* Social buttons: on / off

* Content: on / off

* Gallery navigation menu in footer: on / off

* Widget footer: on / off

With custom post types built in you have a whole new world of advanced options open to you for an image to feature in a gallery:

* Caption

* Grid view image

* Popup layer image

* Full width slideshow image

* Partial width slideshow image

* Gallery (category)

And much more….

* Simple SEO

* Logos: Add a small logo or large image logo

* Google fonts

* Full width, blog /news, gallery and attachment templates

* Multiple widget sidebars

* Google analytics in footer

* 11 styles

* Build your own style

* Custom header

* Custom background

* WordPress menus

* Child and parent theme

Oh and yes.. BuddyPress out of the box with some custom styling for BuddyPress.