Getting rid of the padding around an element

OK so I have used a custom code element and have got it set up perfectly… EXCEPT there is 15px worth of padding around the div that I have inserted. Most importantly, in this instance, it is at the top and bottom of the element which stops the panel from reaching right to the edge of the region. (see attached image)

The client's design goes right to the edge and they are insisting on the site matching the design.

I have narrowed it down to this class – .upfront-code_element-object – which has a padding value of 15px. When inspecting the element in Chrome Developer Tools if I unselect this option the padding disappears and everything is good in life.

But I cannot for the life of me set the element CSS to remove this padding. I have tried everything and it is DOING MY HEAD IN !! LOL

How do I get rid of this padding from the element?

Page in question is sitting on my dev server @