Global Search does NOT work on subdomains but works on the main site

I installed the Global Site Search plugin (plus post indexer plugin) and I configured it on the Network Admin settings to just search for Products ( I created a Marketpress Site ).

On the main site, it works perfectly by finding the specific products I searched for, both as a widget and as the “site-search” page.

When I use the same widget on one of my subdomains (the shop site), it does not find anything and just displays blank page.

I tried it with different subdomains (old ones and newly created test ones) and I still do not get any search results.

I’ve tested with different permalinks structures.

Checked db and have these tables.





Isn’t the widget suppose to find network wide posts with product taxonomies or is the plugin created to work on JUST the main site.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!