global sitetags url shows empty page

Hi :slight_smile:

I installed the global site tags plugin and it does make a collection of tags, but the weird thing is that the url it generates show an empty page. I get for example an url like, but when you click on it. It only shows "Tags >"

I found that if I change the url from tags to tag it does suddenly work? But I would like to get it to work with tags in the url instead of tag. The tags page itself exists and shows the collection, just clicking on the tags itself shows a empty page.

After I noticed it didn’t work properly I noticed that there was another tags plugin active in the mu-plugins directory. I remove it, but the Global Site Tags urls are still not working properly. Maybe it has nothing to do with it, but I can imagine that 2 plugins trying to do the same thing could cause a conflict.

The mu version that I’m using is

Any idea how to fix this so that the links work properly?