Global standard menu challange


I’m in a bit of a pickle.

I’m creating ready made sites (clones) with pages and content that I provide and maintain coupled with each user maintaining their own blogs (posts).

To assist me with this I have a site wide menu that I insert into the common header.php template like so:

<?php include("ssi/pages/menu.php"); ?>

So that this works, I’m NOT suing the absolute URLs just the relative path in the menu, like so:


<li ><a title="About Me">../about-me/" >About Me</a><ul  ><br />
<li ><a title="My Experience">../about-me/my-experience/" >My Experience</a><br />

and so on.

That’s all fine, until we get to the Blog posts.

Once viewing posts, the menu structure changes to smth like this:

with the pemalink structure inserted between the domain name and the page I need to navigate to.

How can I get around this problem?

Is there some .htaccess magic


can I add the domain name into my menu dynamically based on the current url?

I’m using a static home page (welcome) and static blog page (blog)

I’d be happy for the URLs of posts to look like this:

I’m not attached to showing dates as part of the permalink structure.

Many thanks for you help.