Google Apps Mail login form (or even inbox via pop or iframe?) on user dashboard


I’m offering my users (paid for) email accounts with their blogs as below using google apps email and I’m wondering it there is a way to display the email login form or even the users inbox on their WP dashboard? comes with email

Certainly I’d love a plug in for this and I’d be happy to hear what ideas you may have to accomplish this or somethings similar in this realm.

What if the user could enter their email password in their profile settings and we could retrieve their latest 5-10 emails from google via pop; hyperlinking back to the googel apps webmail?

I’m not suggesting to develop a webmail app for WP. Just some way to let users now they have mail.

Or what about an iframe on the WP dashboard pulling in the google mail webmail page. Is that possible?

Are there any dashboard widgets that i could use?

Many thanks