"Google Maps" plugin options for BuddyPress


I am using the awesome “BuddyPress group maps” add-on, so groups can display a map.

On changing the various options using the “options” tab in the plugin settings,

no changes seem to take effect.

I am now assuming these options are only for pages/posts.

Is there anyway to set styling options specifically for BuddyPress ?

I requested something similar recently for the “chat” plugin, where the chat has to be styled by the BP group creator(community user) and not the owner of the website running the community.

Nice to give the users such flexibility,

but not very intuitive it seems to me, to remove it from the site owner.

Can I set a default size etc. to simply have the user drop a map that would fit and look proper with the website theme ?

Any kind assistance in this would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,