Group creation for regular user fails with Social theme

Hi, I installed WPMU 2.9.2, BuddyPress 1.2.3, and the latest Social Theme (downloaded today). Activated the child social theme for my WPMU site. Created a test site and user, chose the Buddypress default 1.2.3 theme for the user. Login as admin, I can get a create group button under profiles – groups, but no create group link under My Account – Groups. Log out, login as regular user, same issue under My Account – Groups, no link to create group, and when I go in through profiles – groups I do not get a create group button.

Disabled all site wide plugins (all are on tested list here), no change. Deactivate Social Theme for WPMU main site, Still no link to create group under My Account – Groups for admin or regular user. Can create groups via profile- groups now for both Admin and regular user.

Seems the Social Theme may be causing an issue with group creation for regular users. Any help would be appreciated.