GZIP compression not working on Multisite


I am getting the following error message after activating the compression on Hummingbird. I also tried copy pasting the GZIP compression code into the htaccess file. Same error code.

Trying to improve JS and CSS but I won’t get it enabled with Hummingbird..

gzip is not working properly:

– Your server may not have the “deflate” module enabled (mod_deflate for Apache, ngx_http_gzip_module for NGINX)

– Another plugin may be interfering with the configuration

If re-checking and restarting does not resolve, please check with your host or open a support ticket with us.

I am using a multisite in three languages and i have already tried improving js and css compression with different plugin such as autoptimize, super cache, w3 total cache (doesnt work on multisites) . So far no luck…

Anybody can help me out with optimizing pagespeed?