gzip question


I’ve been doing some research on “improving websites,” SEO and all that jazz and I have a question. I’m pretty use to looking at 500kB websites now a days with flash, digital photos and the like. It annoys me to no end I have to admit (and, yes, I know my site is huge so I shouldn’t talk) and one of the things discussed is the use of gzip. I know this is optional within wp-super-cache. It’s my understanding that gzip is occasionally discouraged because 1) not all browsers support it and 2) not all servers support it either.

I know #2 is rather moot now a days as most if not all support the use of gzip. How about browsers? Seems like the top 3 (ie, netscape, and opera. Firefox is just a fad :slight_smile: do it and have for quite some time. Just wondering if use is universal now a days.

Also what about static sites? Is having the server take a second to preform the zip wort it in the long run? I’m looking at the option within wp-super-cache and debating on it.