Having a problem with Fundraising plugin to the point of asking

Having a problem with this plugin to the point of asking for a refund today if I cant get it working correctly.

It is accepting paypal donations, I get an email saying the payment was received. I have the URL from the plugin setup pasted in the paypal ipn setting as per instructions.

the problem is the plugin is not updating. Ive read others having issues but rarely see them being resolved.

People mention pretty links in permalinks, and I was first using /%category%/%postname%/ from the initial wordpress etup I did. Then started trying to troubleshoot this plugin, and saw people mentioning pretty link permalinks. I got confused and changed the structure to /%postname%/ and the date one, but still no updating of the progress bar and I have to manually enter the donations.

Is there a port I need opened for paypal IPN to work from my VPS hosting provider?

After making the donation I get redirected to a page that does not exist. in this format

websiteurl fundraisers/FUNDRAISER-NAME/thank-you/?pledge_id=56e38acf5b15

with this message in the post

Oh No, we can’t find your Pledge. Sometimes it take a few moments for your Pledge to be logged. You can try refreshing this page

I’m getting more confused as I search around, so I figured it would be best to start a thread trying to figure this out before I cancel.

where do I need to start, or what info do I need to give for helping my setup.