Headway not playing well

First issue upon install was attempting to “hide from Navigation” the pages so I could add products, test purchases w/o public visibility. That option is no longer there even after deactivating plugin. Currently seeking response from Headway; WP forums.

On install of MarketPress, customized settings first. Added products w/o issue. Went to Store page and the only linked that worked was the category created for Products. No sign of cart, products in cart, checkout option, etc. Added HTML/PHP leaf to put in shortcode, which didn’t work. Added widget leaf and added shopping cart this way, and this worked. Then the Checkout link goes to blank page as does Order Status. The only page that existed was Store, so added Checkout page as a sub page of Store so it would match the default slugs, still brings up blank page.

Found the post that MarketPress doesn’t quite jive with Headway due to the way pages are added, which I was told was outdated info, and here I am. Can’t easily work with the pages and have no idea what to do next. I have done pretty well using Headway up until it was time to add a shopping cart, which sent me into completely unknown territory with one step. Originally was using WP eCommerce plugin cart and their most recent update removed key shortcode features (without warning that caused all products costing $0) which forced all of this.