Help! I made the switch…now what?


I am brand spankin’ new here and totally overwhelmed. After chatting with the wpmuDEV people for the past week, I decided that WPMU w/ Marketpress was exactly what I needed. I was assured that the transition would be flawless. I specifically asked if I would lose my content, seo, tags, plugins, etc. David from WPMUdev told me everything BUT the plugins would transfer over. This was a huge relief as I am not a programmer, I don’t know code and have no clue about mySQL or ftp. I was under the impression that paying the fee to would sort of auto-pilot me through this.

It appears that I not only lost my plugins (which I was prepared for), but I lost everything.

Is there anyone who can help? I need my content back asap. I worked way too hard for it to be gone. I am sure there must be a way, I just don’t know what it is :slight_frown: