Help Needed to Update BP Polls, the only BuddyPress Polling App


I am searching for a fully BuddyPress integrated Polling plugin, but came to conclusion that there is not one plugin available. I bought BuddyPress Social Polling Plugin on Codecanyon, but this plugin is really useless (read the comments on Codecanyon).

The only plugin that could be a great BP polling app is BP Polls developed by Sven from Themekraft. It’s available for free on Github, but it isn’t updated anymore since 2012. It’s a “do-with-it-what-you-like-plugin”, but not supported or something as you can read on Themekraft’s BP Polls page.

The plugin is still working on BP Profile, but it causes errors with other WP/BP plugins. Because the plugin isn’t updated anymore past 3 years, I’m wondering if there are some developers out there who could make BP Polls compatible again with WP 4.2.2 and BP 2.3. I believe it would be a great add-on for BuddyPress and its community.

Hope to receive some positive feedback.