I have been driving myself crazy for days now. I’ve written here and have not received help, will someone please once and for all assist me (support!). What I’m trying to do seems at onset to be so easy yet I cannot get it to work.

All im trying to do is setup a 10 domain network. All 10 sites are separate domains, no sub-domain (either in front or inback of the domain). So simply,, etc. All 10 domains are pointing at the IP address of my main domain which is

I’ve installed multi-domains and domain mapping. I can see how it works when you try and add site with a subdomain on it, BUT I don’t want subdomains! All I want is the actual domain and cannot seem to setup my 10 domains and make wordpress changes to them because the dashboard will not work for these sites.

What am I doing wrong? It seems so simply yet I cannot figure it out. PLEASE HELP ME