Help with creating proper breadcrumbs

I really love the ease of your themes, especially since I’m an non-coder/programmer. Though unfortunately I spend hours trying to figure things out what a real coder could do in 15 minutes and now I give up. One thing this theme doesn’t have, unless I missed it, is the ability to have breadcrumbs, so I added it myself and place the code in the footer:

<code><div id="bodybread"><br />
<ul id="breadcrumb"></p>
<li><a href="/" title="Home"><img src="" alt="Home" class="home" /></a></li>
<p><?php if ( !is_home() ) { ?></p>
<li><?php the_category(', ') ?></li>
<li><?php the_title(); ?></li>
<p><?php } ?></p>

right after this code in header.php

<code><?php include (TEMPLATEPATH . '/call-signup.php'); ?><br />
<?php if($bp_existed == 'true') { //check if bp existed ?><br />
<div class="out-content" id="content"></code>

to get this

and all works well except when in the members menu tab or activity tab and I get this:

and when I’m in my user’s profile, it pulls up the last category I built and the last post posted, instead of a proper breadcrumb, so I get this:

It shouldn’t say “Photography Books” etc., I want it to say either profile or something appropriate.

When I’m at a blog post, it works:

and on a page, like the about page, it works great too, I get this:

(forgot how to upload images on here, swear I was able to do it before)

So any help on the proper code is greatly appreciated as this site, with your theme and support, is turning out fabulous. Thanks, rg