Help with install of Multi-DB

I’ve been trying to install Multi-DB and I’m not sure that I’m doing everything right so I’m wondering if I can find a professional here to employ to help with job.

I wasn’t expecting the growth that we’ve had with our WordPress MU install and are in desperate need to have this done as our database is getting too large.

My setup is a little different then most.

WordPress MU 2.7

BuddPress 1.0b2

bbPress 1.0a (seperate database)

Simple:stuck_out_tongue:ress 4.0.1

only around ~450 blogs

18,000 users

would like to do atleast 16 databases which I already have set up.

If we can go from 16 to 256 in the future that would be the determining factor. If I cannot, then I will go with 256 dbs.


Any help would be appreciated.

Note: if this is in the wrong section, I apologize.