help with layout and opacity bg


I need to build this site: in upfront.

The homepage needs an other background (the peacock), and the green boxes should be white oppacity 70%, So how do I get a white textbox with background color opacity of 70 %. And I want also a button in it and the second e-book part with an image and button

I made a test page , it looks already a little bit on what I need.. but still isn’t right.

Still needs the background of the blocks with bg color white oppacity 70%, and the last text block I want full width. The grid element of the page, can I resize that, so the blocks can be bigger/wider? And the text underneath the e-book can I get that in headers?

Is it possible to place empty spaces or so beneath the sections so you have more space between the blocks?

Can you please say how I do that. I’m building the new site in upfront on this domain:

Hope you can help me

Best regards,

Geraldine Priester