Multisite and Domain Mapping

Here’s a screenshot of all my cPanels in my WHM backend.

The goal:

To set-up all these as multi-site installs w/ domain mapping as well. In other words, I need to be mapped / pointed to should be mapped or point to should point / map to

So, look carefully and you’ll see some quirks…

A while back, I had an SSL put on, and therefore, it’s got it’s own IP address. See it?


1.)What goes in the field labelled “Server IP address” within the back-end of the domain mapping plugin? or, and why?

2.)I don’t really “need” the SSL. It’s not a ‘wildcard’ SSL and if it’s causing problems, I can simply remove it. But, do I need to / is that what’s causing the problems?

3.) Any other suggestions as to why this isn’t working?

Yes, the instructions were followed… sunrise / htaccess / ….all that jazz. I followed that part to a ‘T’. So, what could be the problem?