Hesitant to start with blog templates…

So i am building a niche multisite network for the marine industry.. similar to edublogs or wordpress.. and i have gone through the plugins. and it seems that either i need some step by step instruction in planning this or i am doing correctly by trial and error… As i find a good plugin, set it up, i soon realize that i should have done something different first… Is this common? i am so new to this. i think i can tackle the project. but specifically with this plugin. blogtemplate i feel lilke the waring should be “Go for it” instead it reads this

“Please note that this will turn the blog you selected into a template blog. Any changes you make to this blog will change the template, as well! We recommend…………..”

i am trying to master one site and then make it a template. is this the correct path. is there a flowcahrt or documentation on the steps that need to happend when trying to clone functionality like wordpress.com or that edublogs site you frequently refer too.

So far i like the products you offer and i like the community input and replies.. i want to stay as a paying member but i find myself over my head with a lot of repeat working..

i hope this makes sense. just reaching out. SJY