Hide title support from particular pages like Easy Blogging does for specific post type.

Hi, it’s me again !

Since a while, I’m tying to hide title support in the admin for specific pages. I’ve seen that you’ve done it for custom post type in Custom Press.

I can do with this peace of code, but it disables the title for ALL the pages :

function remove_page_title)


remove_post_type_support(‘page’, ‘title’:wink:;


add_action(“admin_init”, “remove_page_title”:wink:;

In fact, I want to provide different pages at blogs creation, like “contact” or “about”, and hide the title for these particular pages when the user edit the page.

Or maybe could I create a custom post type with a page behavior ? I mean that the user could use only one post by custom post type and display only this post ? And so disable title support for this particular post ?

Thanks a LOT !