Hosting ( Domain pointing setup issue


I have been trying last few days to setup domain pointing to WPMUDEV hosting server I setup on account domain located at GoDaddy, I added following config within GoDaddy DNS records;

Type Name Value TTL Actions

A @ 1/2 Hour

AAAA @ 2a03:b0c0:1:e0::48e:2001 1/2 Hour

CNAME www @ 1/2 Hour

During adding of had option to also add, which I selected after few minutes once SLL cert showed green and everything looked good, I try to set it as primary domain, recieve following error message;

"Oops, there was an error when trying to change the primary domain for (Internal Server Error: Please try again or contact support if the issue continues.)

1 min ago "

Note: the DNS records on GoDaddy also live as my friends website currently hosted there, in process of changing over to WPMUDEV.