How can I create a custom payment Gateway for ProSites


I want to add support for FastSpring payment gateway to Prosites– is any such payment gateway support in the works?

If not, then how do I go about creating my own custom gateway? What are the guidelines/rules I have to keep in mind– is there any doc/guide available for this purpose, or maybe a generic custom gateway wrapper into which i simply have to plugin code specific to FastSpring?

Another question– even if I do create a custom payment gateway myself– isnt there a good chance that this gateway may break with subsequent upgrades to ProSites?

Ideally I would prefer if you could develop a FastSpring gateway– you have the knowledge and expertise– I am just a newbie:slight_smile:. If you do add a gateway for FastSpring to your list of requests/roadmap, can you tell me how long (weeks/months??) it will take before the gateway finally comes out.