How can I create Multiple Profiles?

Hi guys,

Bit of a tricky one here but I will do my best to keep it brief.

I have a multisite install using the subdomain option with Buddypress installed on one of the sub sites not on my main site. Let’s say I have 20 sub sites aside from my main site, 1 has the Buddypress, 15 & my main site are publicly visible and require no log in/membership at all but the 4 remaining do.

I would like the site with Buddypress to be the actual central login point with lets say 4 different profile types. We will say profile type A to D. So a visitor decides, profile A applies to him so registers as profile A. This gives him access to the Buddypress area & site 1 of the 4 restricted sites. He cannot access sites 2,3 & 4.

Another visitor decides profile B applies to them so they register as profile B and that gives them access to Buddypress & site 2 of the 4 restricted. He won’t have access to 1,3 & 4 & so on. I hope you are with me so far with how I would like it set up.

My question is can I do this & if so how? So far I have created the extended fields in Buddypress profile. My first problem here is that all possible fields & groups are going to show on all profiles. I created a drop down box with the profile types where the visitor registering selects which one applies to them. How do I link that selection to actual profiles? In WordPress we have the Subscriber, Editor, etc can I create corresponding profiles with permissions and match those to the types used in the drop down I referred to? If I can,then it sounds easy enough but can I then allow the relevant members access to the relevant site of those 4 restricted as stated in my setup?

In other words can those 4 sites use the same user database as the buddypress one so the sites know who should have access and who shouldn’t? I hope this makes sense, I have tried to keep it as clear as I can. Any questions let me know. Thanks,