How can I get another required input for Paypal?

I have membership, and use it to run a newspaper website. Some people subscribe to our online eEdition and some to our online articles. Others will subscribe to our print edition, but we do have some that like the combination package of both online and print.

I set it up to where when our paypal receives a new payment, we review it and then add the subscriber to the print subscription database we have that prints out shipping labels and what-not.

What I need, though, is to add another field, whether prior to or during paypal checkout, that makes them put a shipping address. We had someone pay for a combo package, and so they were put in the proper access level on the website, but paypal didn’t make them put a shipping address, therefore we didn’t know where to mail it. Had to e-mail them and it was a whole little fiasco.

Secondly, and as sort of a side question, when someone subscribes, does it set up recurring payments, even if I have the subscription set up on the website as “finite”?