how do i change domian names in wordpress

I switched hosts and rebuilt my whole 3 site multisite network from scratch, which I really needed to do anyway.

I cannot move the domain over to the new host for 60 days. It has to do with locking the whois, i just did it a couple weeks ago and you can’t transfer for 60 days (I just found that out).

Currently the new site’s url is an ip with the username, and I may want to put a temporary domain in there until I get my main one freed up in 60 days.

1) I now it’s more than just changing the wpconfig file when you modify the wordpress address and site address for a multisite… I alsow need to modify the database, correct? My question is should I use something like this to change the db files on the new site?

2) I’m waiting for my domain to free up so I can transfer, but if I register and use it for the new site for 60 days could I then easily switch it to again when it frees up?

Does that make any sense what I’m trying to say? hah!