How Do I Fix the Format of Bulleted Lists in my Posts?

Hello – on our site we are having a strange issue with the bulleted lists in our blog posts. See for example:

The following are properly formatted bulleted lists (at least in the WordPress Post Editor screen):

“Home Page: The keyword phrase that best represents your business as a whole.

Individual Product/Service Landing Pages: Focus on the keyword that describes what your target customer would be searching for.

Blog Posts: This can help you cast a wider net around more keywords. More on that, below.”

Page Title

At Least One H1 Heading

Several Times in Your Body Text – but not too much

If you follow the mapping rule of one page, one purpose and if you know precisely what your keyword target is for that page, you can include your keywords in a natural manner. The easiest way to do this by using plain language and being precise. If you have to shove your keywords in awkward places that don’t make sense, you’re going to be in trouble. The more natural your text sounds, the better.”

But as you can see it does weird stuff. There are no dots that appear and the formatting as way off. Also for some reason a big chunk of text from right below it will often pull up and look almost right aligned?? Anyways, this is happened blog-wide so any post that uses a bulleted list looks like this and suffers the same problems. We’ve refrained from using bulletted lists but we hate that we have that restriction.

Maybe its a CSS error? We are really hoping its not some conflict with a plugin or something…

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Kind regards,