How do I get "Select a subject" to work?

I am using Appointment+ for academic tutoring purposes. Please see:

1. If you Select a Subject, say “Honors Physics”, the page refreshes back to the top most option, AP Chemistry. Nothing is refreshed.

I was looking for ways to troubleshoot this problem by looking for Javascript or PHP problems but couldn’t find any… sorry. Please advice. I did Browser Inspector for Javascript errors and came up with nothing and enabled DEBUG true on wp-config.php and nothing came up.

2. Another is when you select anything from “Or do you have a tutor you prefer?”, when it refreshes, nothing happens. Please advice.

3. Regarding “My Appointments”, I understand this feature is for logged in users? When I view this page without being logged in (to simulate visitors’ view), I still see it. Does this section save appointments for visitors as well?

4. Regarding the “Please click to confirm appointment” button, how can I add a “class” to the HTML markup of this code (and every other button for this plugin)? I am using a theme called Enfold and there is a class called “button” for each button to be uniformly styled.

Sorry for stacking the questions. I hope you can help me. That’s all for now. Please let me know if I need to create a test admin for your troubleshooting. Thank you.