How do I incorporate the CLASSIFIEDS plugin, buddypress and multiple themes in one domain site?

I’m trying to get a fake craigslist and a fake face book installed on a website i’m working on:

Here is a quick flowchart of what i want to get done for this site:

I’ve got buddy press and your “classifieds” plugin installed to get this done.

I’m having mega problems getting the basic functionality of the site to work.

#1 LIST, or fake craigslist, section will not link to anything. i make a /list page and assign the homepage link to it but it will show up as a 404…

#2 I want the TALK section to go to the front page of your SOCIAL theme ( ) so i can customize it. #2b I’d also love to get a youtube video in place of the box head character graphic on the front page of this SOCIAL theme. Is this possible?

#3 do you think the problem is that i installed the WP platform via blue host’s super-auto-robot-WP-c-panel? I read in your online manuals section that it’s best to manually install wp and buddy press via an FTP program.

#4 Should i can the CUSTOMIZR theme by Do you think this may be the problem?

The homepage is using the CUSTOMIZR theme by

I’d like to use the wpmudev SOCIAL theme ( ) for the TALK (fake Facebook) section.

For the LIST section, I’m open to suggestions on the theme that works good with the wpmudev CLASSIFIEDS plugin.

For the RESOURCE (just a list or directory of resources with free, payed and affiliate links to relevant resources for the community, i’m looking for suggestions on how to work that out as well. Should i use a certain theme or should i use a certain plugin?

I’m determined to get this done. If you can direct me in a path to what I should learn and what first or any help in the above problem (s), that would be super ultra appreciated.

Thank you again for your time and expertise.

I can make an admin acct. for you to take a gander at my bad wiring if necessary.