How do I make that "Have a User Account?" bit in Marketpress go away?


I asked this question in another thread, but Timothy closed that thread without answering, so…

In Marketpress during checkout, there is a part where it prompts people to login if they “Have a user account?” How do I make that go away? Timothy said I’d have to post in feature requests to get a developer to look into changing that permanently, but in terms of fixing it in the near term, he just referenced “some code edits”, and when I asked him to be more specific, he closed the thread.

Can someone tell me where in the plugin files I should go to make that form/prompt not show up? My site doesn’t have registration, so it’s just going to needlessly confuse people. Hopefully in the future you’ll have that box only show up if the site allows registration, but in the meantime, how can I get rid of it?

Thanks in advance.