How do Import users using the Membership plugin

Hi there,

I am about to install the membership plugin but don’t see any referrence for importing users. (i.e. screenshot of admin panel in plugin description).

I was going to use s2member Pro which I know supports this but that was before signing up with WPMU Dev. I would rather use plugins that have been tested with your themes like Membership but not at the expense of functionality.

I am migrating from an Amember based program and have a current DB of about 1300 users and 100 premium(paying) members. Amember doesn’t play well with Social Networks, so moving to a membership program that does brings me to BuddyPress and Memgership plugins.

So, can I import users and custom fields necessary for existing billing profiles.(i.e. Paypal and gateway) Basically I don’t want to screw up existing pay cycles and membership expiration dates.

Can I do this with Membership? If so how?

If not, do you know of anyone using s2member and buddypress with your themes?

Thanks a ton.